" A sustainable Aggregates Industry for a sustainable Europe "

Members Only Section

UEPG Achievements 2014-2015

UEPG monitored closely the withdrawal of the Circular economy package and the opportunity to contribute to the new proposal in 2015. UEPG positioned clearly itself on Resource efficiency indicators. Biodiversity also remained a top priority. UEPG organised national workshops on Biodiversity with the support of its members. UEPG audited
closely the ongoing process of the Natura 2000 Fitness check. UEPG was part of the stakeholders’ consultation process for the Mining BREF Review.

UEPG maintained its monitoring of the good implementation of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR). UEPG strongly supported within the CPR implementation the reduction of the bureaucratic burden and especially to avoid the duplication of information provided with DoP and CE-marking. The Technical Committee kept monitoring and was actively involved in the drafting and revision of standards. A leaflet on key messages for recycled aggregates was produced.

UEPG Members further committed and acted to continuously improve prevention on site to reach zero accidents and a health and safety culture. UEPG contributed to the several consultations on the evaluation of 24 Occupational Safety and Health Directives. UEPG lead the Explosives for civil uses Task Force to ensure a good implementation of the ‘Track and Trace’ Directive. UEPG promoted the EU-OSHA Campaign on Stress at work towards its Members.

UEPG Committee Meeting closely monitored the Accounting Directive and positioned clearly on resource taxation and other market based instruments. UEPG contributed
to consultations, studies and questionnaires from the European Commission on Raw Materials Data, thanks to UEPG sustainable development indicators and UEPG members.

The positive aspects of the European Aggregates Industry became more visible due to the input from written positions and contributions to several high level meetings and
conferences, including the Sustainable Development Awards Exhibition. UEPG also tighten its cooperation with NEEIP Members, organised the first NEEIP Forum, and other Platforms as SNAP-SEE and GAIN.