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GAIN – Global Aggregates Information Network

The Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN)


GAIN was founded by UEPG in 2010, driven by the conviction that international sharing of experience and best practice promotes a more efficient and sustainable aggregates industry globally. GAIN meetings were held in Brussels in October 2010, in Charlotte, NC, USA in March 2012, in Brussels in October 2014 and in Cape Town, South Africa, in April 2016, attended by representatives from aggregates associations across Europe, from Australia, China, the United States, Latin America and Europe attended the meeting, with inputs from Canada and New Zealand.

The 5th GAIN meeting, hosted by the Spanish Aggregates Federation (FdA) took place back to back with the UEPG Delegates Assembly in May 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Representatives from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, India, Japan, Latin America, South Africa, the United States of America and Europe attended the meeting, with further input from other regions of the world. Over the two meeting days, all aspects of the aggregates industry were openly discussed. Quarry visits were arranged for the third day demonstrating good practice examples.

GAIN members together represent 70% of the global aggregates production of around 50bnt (billions metric tonnes), produced in around 500,000 quarries and pits worldwide, estimated to employ up to 4 million people. The aggregates sector is by far the largest extractive industry globally in terms of its numbers of sites, production tonnages and people employed. Aggregates are the most consumed bulk product on the planet – over 6 tonnes (metric)/person/year.

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