The Campaign is co-ordinated by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), and partners in the EU’s 27 Member States and beyond.

The Campaign encourages managers, workers and other stakeholders to join forces to improve safety and health.  This is the opportunity to promote UEPG and UEPG Members’ H&S Best practices in matter of risk prevention and joined forces to improve safety and health at European and National level.

A whole range of resources are available along with campaign and promotional materials in 25 languages: See Website - Brochure as well as at National level at focal national points.

There is European Good Practice Awards to apply for at National level for Associations and Companies. For more information see Brochure (languages choice at bottom page) as well as Awards from previous campaign.

UEPG was also partners to the previous Healthy Workplace Campaign 2010-2011 on safe maintenance.