2012 Comprehensive Monitoring Report on Croatia shows the progress made by Zagreb in implementing EU legislation. More progress is requested by the Commission in air quality, water and waste management and environmental impacts assessment.


Croatia will also benefit from Regional Funds of the EU but has, at the same time, to declare and manage Natura 2000 areas. The European Commission Natura 2000 Guidance, where UEPG has contributed to, will become even more important to members of the Croatian Aggregates Association (PROMINS).


Croatia already has 12 observers in the European Parliament, equal to the number of future seats allocated to Zagreb. Those observers take part in the proceedings of Parliament and have a right to speak in Committees and Political Groups. Until accession of Croatia, they have not the right to vote or to stand for election to positions within Parliament.


Zagreb is equally an observer in the EU Council and European Commission Committees. After joining the European Union, Croatia will have 7 votes in the Council, out of a total of 352. At least 260 votes will be required for legislation to be adopted by qualified majority. Croatian will be recognised as an official EU language, and all EU acts will also be drawn up in Croatian.