The Commission Directive 2008/43/EC has the aim of ensuring the identification and the traceability of an explosive from its production site and its first placing on the market until its final user and its use with a view to preventing misuse and theft and to assisting law enforcement authorities in the tracing of the origin of lost or stolen explosives. Directive 2008/43/EC was amended by Directive 2012/4/EU allowing more time for the whole supply chain to get ready for its implementation. However it has now started to take effect for manufacturers and importer and will become fully applicable to all distributors and users as from 5 April 2015.

To support full and proper implementation of the Directive by all stakeholders by the deadline, a Task Force on Explosives for civil uses was created. The Task Force consists of the European Federation of Explosives Manufacturers – FEEM, end users associations (European Cement Association – CEMBUREAU, European Federation of Explosives Engineers and German Blasting Association – EFEE and Deutscher Sprengverband e.V, European Association for Coal and Lignite – EURACOAL, European Gypsum Industry – EUROGYPSUM, European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals – EUROMINES, European Association of Industrial Minerals – IMA-Europe, European Trade Association – industriAll, European Aggregates Association – UEPG – chair), working in collaboration with the European Commission and software developers (TTE-Europe GmbH).

The work of this Task Force has been to produce an on-going action plan endorsed by the European Commission and Member States, to identify the various challenges connected with implementation of the Directive, and to draft a guidance document on Track & Trace aimed at informing the whole supply chain, questions and answers addressed to end users, and a leaflet for end users translated in 8 languages.

All documents and information can be found on the Task Force Website at .