On 30 March 2015, at the Committee of the Regions (CoR) in Brussels took place the closing ceremony of an Exhibition on the UEPG Sustainable Development Awards.

The Exhibition was shown for two weeks at the CoR with hundreds of visitors - from internal and external meetings of the Committee of the Regions.

At the closing ceremony more than 40 participants from Permanent Representation, European Commission and Agencies, Regions and local authorities, Partners and Journalists were present at the event.

The purpose of the Exhibition was to present the Best Practices of our sector in terms of Sustainable Development in Europe.

The 2013 19 Awardees Companies were presented with information, documents, presentations and video on our products, sector, activities, awards and all applications received.

We had the honour and pleasure to have a welcome introduction from Sirpa Hertell, Member of the Committee of the Regions and Vice-Chair of the CoR Commission for the Environment, Climate Change and Energy,  Nigel Jackson, UEPG Vice-President, and Luc Bas, Director - European Union Representative Office, IUCN.

The presentations highlighted the contribution of the Aggregates Industry to Sustainable Development of Regions in Europe for a better quality of life, the importance of the Committee of the Regions’ work and representations in Europe to make the link with the Industry, the compatibility of aggregates extraction with environmental management, social progress and economic excellence, and the impact and contribution of the sector towards biodiversity and ecosystems services.

You will find some pictures of the event via Picasa Photo Album of UEPG European Aggregates Association at UEPG SDA Exhibition - March 2015 - CoR - Brussels or at UEPG - European Aggregates Association - Exhibition & Closing Ceremony – CoR .

In Fact and Figures:

  • Aggregates are sand, gravel, crushed rock, marine and manufactured aggregates and recycled materials.
  • Aggregates are the third most used resource after water and air. The question is not whether we need it, but where to get it from, in the most sus­tainable way.
  • UEPG stands for a heavy-weight industry of representing 30 members country in Europe, 2.7 billion tons of aggregates production including sand, gravel, crushed rock, recycled and secondary aggregates as well as marine aggregates; 15,000 companies extract these essential materials on 25,000 sites providing 230.000 (direct and indirect) employment mainly on rural areas.
  • UEPG develops a health and safety culture in Europe through the creation of dedi­cated Committees in each of its Member Association and the share of good practice.
  • More than 150 biodiversity cases studies available online www.uepg.eu demonstrate the compatibility of aggregates extraction and environmental protection.
  • UEPG promotes triennial Sus­tainable Development Awards in order to recognise and further promote excellence in the Industry in all three pillars of sustainable development.
  • In 2013, UEPG received 51 applications from 14 countries in Europe, and handed in 19 awards and 32 certificates in best sustainable operational practices for large and SMEs in Europe in social, environmental and economic aspects with a special award on Biodiversity.