Strasbourg, France – UEPG Past President Arnaud Colson launched a Vision for the European Aggregates Industry at the occasion of the UEPG Delegates Assembly and a visit to the European Parliament. Welcomed by Paul Rübig MEP (EPP, Austria), Past President Colson presented the following 10 key ambitions to be achieved by 2020.

1. To place excellence in health and safety at the centre of our activities with an objective of  “Zero harm” to all Industry’s employees, contractors and sub-contractors and visitors by 2020.

2. To ensure sustainable access to primary local resources, optimising transport, with the aim of Land-use for extraction to be recognised as an activity of public interest similar to agriculture, forestry, water and nature which should receive the same priority.

3. To develop the “circular economy” through efficiency, recycling and restoration to demonstrate the contribution of the Aggregates Industry to the Circular Economy by 2020.

4. To assist in improving a streamlined national land-use planning and permitting policy to encourage and assist all UEPG Members to have a national aggregates planning policy in place by 2020.

5. To create and maintain a level-playing-field through consistent implementation of EU law with the aim of consistent implementation and enforcement of existing EU/ national legislation by 2020.

6. To promote the compatibility of aggregates extraction and the environment, with the objective for UEPG to assist its Members in achieving that responsible aggregates extraction should not be automatically prohibited for environmental reasons.

7. To improve public awareness of aggregates extraction as beneficial to society for every UEPG Member to have a national public relations campaign in place by 2020 to ensure positive appreciation of the benefits of the sector to society.

8. To promote the added value of the Aggregates Industry for local communities, with the objective to encourage UEPG Members to undertake public events, develop communication tools and PR training by 2020.

9. To showcase the Industry as an attractive career, in particular for young people and to encourage UEPG Members to raise awareness in public relations, job agencies and educational institutions about the career opportunities for both genders.

10. To ensure responsible sourcing and excellence in customer service and satisfaction to get Industry recognised as a trusted and responsible supplier of goods and services with all its customers in the downstream sectors, particularly the concrete and asphalt industries.

The UEPG Vision 2020 is available online at