Tallinn, 17 November - Just before the EU Presidency Conference on the sustainable supply of aggregates in the EU, UEPG President Jesús Ortiz handed over the #Industry4Europe Joint Reaction Paper to Kadri Simson, Minister of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications briefly outlining the six chapters of the paper.

The newly published Joint Reaction Paper “For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: going further”, was co-signed by 119 European Industry Associations, including UEPG which played an active role as one of the Co-Rapporteurs of the Paper. Following the Joint Declaration for an ambitious EU industrial strategy at the beginning of 2017, the Alliance #Industry4Europe has continued to work together to develop a more detailed Joint Paper in reaction to the European Commission Communication on “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: a renewed Industrial Strategy for Europe” published in September.

UEPG welcomes the Communication as a first important step forward. It puts industry back in a high position on the political agenda and provides a comprehensive overview of current and upcoming Commission’s initiatives and measures related to industrial competitiveness. 
In this Joint Reaction Paper, the Signatories – representing a wide range of industrial sectors – have identified all key objectives and remaining policy gaps that should be at the heart of any ambitious and long-term EU industrial strategy. UEPG Secretary General Dirk Fincke is one of the Co-Rapporteurs of the Joint Reaction Paper.

The recommendations of the #Industry4Europe Alliance touch upon major policy fields, including business-friendly environment and governance, skills & training, research and innovation, access to finance, internal market as well as trade and international market access.

More than ever, the 119 European Associations are ready to step up their cooperation with EU Institutions to discuss and implement an European Industrial Strategy that will help safeguard jobs and growth in and for Europe.