Reshaping the future of the European Industry

Throughout history, Europe has been the advocate of leadership and technological innovation. Industry is synonymous with growth, development and work, for this reason we want to bring European industry to the number one international priorities. We do believe that Europe has the means and institutions to play a vital role in the competitive global industry, creating sustainable markets through innovation, digitisation and decarbonisation.
Industry4Europe is a network composed of more than 130 European Industry Associations calling for an ambitious long-term Industrial Strategy in which UEPG plays an active role. Through Industry4Europe, we seek to establish a continuous contact with the various policy makers, civil society stakeholder and European institutions in order to implement a long-term industrial strategy that will allow us to cope with the various challenges of the current European and international scene. Industry is Europe's economic pillar, an industry that evolves towards fair markets, local access to resources, balanced and progressive trade policy to harness globalisation and job and growth creation.
The European Aggregates Association (UEPG), represent the interests of the European aggregates industry, including the 2.7 billion tonnes per year of aggregates produced by 15,000 companies (the majority of which are SMEs) in 26,000 extraction sites, providing jobs for some 200,200 direct and indirect employees. Therefore, we fervently believe and cooperate with Industry4Europe, in order to achieve our goals and create a Sustainable Aggregates Industry for sustainable Europe. Dirk Fincke, UEPG General Secretariat, has leaded the UEPG representation in this industrial alliance.

The next action of the coalition is now to recall candidates for the 2019 European Parliament elections the essential role European Industry is playing and the challenges the industry is facing. In that respect, Industry4Europe produced a  Manifesto, which is now available and you can dowload at
Find out more at Industry4Europe Wesbite and on Social Media at @Industry4Europe.