UEPG Message:

Sustainable Welfare in Europe needs access to primary and secondary raw materials, which is compatible with environmental management, and provides safe local jobs.

UEPG calls for:

  • An EU policy re-establishing the positive link between industry and societyEnsuring policies on sustainable access to resources and energy at a competitive price

  • EU legislation enabling and promoting a resource efficient circular economy

  • Promoting waste avoidance, re-use and recycling where economically, environmentally and technically viable

  • A smarter implementation of Environmental policies

  • Better coherence between nature conservation and socio-economic objectives at EU, National and local level

  • A bottom-up approach, integrating innovative concepts such as temporary nature, developed in the field, for the benefits of European Environmental policies and for the conservation of European Natural Heritage

  • EU policies recognising the good compliance, expertise and practices of Occupational Health & Safety in the whole supply chain

  • The relevance of Social Dialogue in Europe related to Health & Safety at work, mobility, training, skills and competences


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