The European Parliament launched a campaign called “This time I’m voting” promoting the European Elections 2019 in a political neutral way addressing the low turnout of the last European Elections.

UEPG decided to become an official partner of this campaign in order to stress the importance of voting during the European Elections and to shape the future of EU policies. The principal objectives of UEPG in respect of the European elections are as follow.

  • First of all, we wish to promote the upcoming EU elections and the European Parliament campaign, but we also wish to raise awareness to make use of the right of EU citizens to vote and shape the future of EU policy.
  • Our second objective is to communicate the date of the European Elections in the respective EU Member State and the possibility to vote via proxy or via letter to minimize technical obstacles to vote.
  • Thirdly, our wish is to raise awareness internally towards our Members and externally towards Partners and Stakeholders from the Whole Supply Chain, including Trade Union and NGO’s.

Do not hesitate to connect with UEPG over the campaign at: You can insert this link in your Twitter, LinkedIn or even Facebook posts.


Should you wish to promote the campaign yourself towards your National, Regional and Local Network, please use the different hashtags #thistimeimvoting or #EE19. For more information visit, on which you will also find all the events organised in each Member State regarding the elections.


The following websites provide information and guidance for every EU citizen on what to do to make sure you can vote according to your nationality and the EU Member State you live in:

There are many simple ways you can get involved and to persuade people to vote this time.

Should you have any question concerning the campaign or the partnership, do not hesitate to contact us: .