UEPG COVID-19 Guidance

In order for the aggregates industry to effectively tackle challenges related to the management of the new coronavirus on aggregates extraction sites, UEPG has launched a UEPG Health & Safety Guidance on COVID-19 management. 

The purpose of this document is to have a tailor-made, specific guidance for aggregates businesses. In the flow of often too generic information arising from all levels of governance it may be difficult for companies to identify the specific measures that have to be taken for extraction sites. Therefore, UEPG comes to their support with a document that draws upon best practices and protocols in a number of European countries, very specific for different types of working units in the aggregates industry. The added value of having such a document is that national associations and companies have all the information in one place, readily available for translation in their national languages. This guidance you can download on the pdf logo below, also comprises links to other similar protocols.