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UEPG History

On May 24, 2012, in Limassol, Cyprus, UEPG’s 25th anniversary was celebrated.

Carl Hennrich, who himself personified the entire history of UEPG, recalled the first proposal to form a European aggregates association in Dijon, France, in 1985. This led to a second formative meeting at Fuschl Castle in Austria in 1986 with 5 countries present.

UEPG was then officially founded in 1987 in Paris, already with 9 countries involved, and Raymond Berger (RIP) was elected first President with Jean-Marie Gross as Secretary-General. In 1988, in London, the UEPG Technical Committee was formed, expecting to have harmonised aggregates standards ready in time for the Single European Market in 1992.The first UEPG Statutes were discussed at the Wiesbaden meeting in 1989, and signed at the 1990 meeting in Budapest.

  • In 1991,
    Erik Dam Hansen (RIP) took over as 2nd President, with Ju ̋rgen Reitzig as Secretary-General, based in Frankfurt. In 1992, at the Delegates Assembly in Geneva, UEPG membership expanded to 14 countries, testament to the continued determination of all to build a pan-European association.
  • In 1994,
    Tim Ross became the third President, with Antony Fell as Secretary-General, based in London. UEPG continued to grow in strength. Antony Fell spear-headed the foundation of the first European aggregates-focussed magazine “European Aggregates”, which featured high-quality articles in English, French and German.
  • In 1997,
    Michael Schulz became the fourth President, with Hans-Peter Braus as Secretary-General, based in Duisburg. At this stage, UEPG began to focus on lobbying the European institutions with success. In order to further promote the industry image, Restoration Awards were held in Strasbourg in 1997 and 1999.
  • In 2000,
    Cipriano Gomez Carrion became fifth President, with Rafael Fernández Aller as Secretary-General, based in Madrid. Further Restoration Awards were held in 2001, and the UEPG Health & Safety Committee was added in 2003. It was then decided that UEPG needed to have a permanent office in Brussels; Rue d’Arlon 21 is the UEPG office to this day.
  • In 2003,
    Manfred Asamer took over as sixth President, with Antony Fell as Secretary-General. The permanent office in Brussels gave UEPG a much stronger base for lobbying and professionally promoting the industry. Very successful Sustainable Development Awards were in 2005.
  • In 2005,
    Didier Audibert took over as seventh President, with Antony Fell continuing as Secretary-General, ably assisted by Gregoire Poisson. A well-defined growth strategy raised UEPG membership to 21 countries. Sustainable Development Awards, a Recycling Study, the UEPG-20 celebration and signature of ‘Countdown 2010’ with IUCN were all achieved by 2007.
  • In 2007,
    Denis Mertens took over as eighth President. Antony Fell continued as part-time Secretary-General, while Dirk Fincke, Sandrine Devos and Miette Dechelle were added as full-time staff, enabling UEPG to move to a still higher level of monitoring all legislative initiatives and professionally lobbying in the Commission and Parliament.
  • In 2009,
    Jim O’Brien took over as ninth President. Dirk Fincke became full-time Secretary-General in 2011, and Ivana Oceano was added as a part-time secretary. Sustainable Development Awards were held in 2010. UEPG work activity grew on all fronts and by 2012 membership had reached 31 countries. In that year, the Letter of Intent with IUCN was signed, and UEPG celebrated its 25th anniversary.
  • In 2012,
    Arnaud Colson took over as tenth President. President Arnaud Colson launched UEPG 2020 Vision for the European Aggregates Industry at the occasion of the UEPG 2015 Delegates Assembly in Strasbourg, France.
  • In 2015,
    Jesús Ortiz took over as eleventh President.
  • In 2018,
    Thilo Juchem took over as twelfth President.